Gamification Sounds Cool, But How Do We Actually Put It in the English Classroom?

In the current realm of education, gamification has received significant attention for its power to shift the way we teach and learn. Gamification allows teachers and learners to experience a series of challenges that engage their minds, bodies, and spirits. Although gamification is not a new concept, it has not been widely exposed to the higher level of education in the Indonesian EFL context. This book represents a further step to provide new learning practices for the sense of what learning is about. The book is designed for teachers and students in the Indonesian EFL Context. The gamified-based EFL activities in this book work in tandem with curriculum 2013 and in line with the learning material of the tenth grade of senior high school students.

The material presented in this book is also adaptable for diverse learners.  Its purpose is not simply to provide learning materials, but it offers unique ways to combine learning content equipped with the insertion of digital literacy skills and technological practices to support the acquisition of 21st-century learning in EFL activities. It dispels the conservative and dull learning activities in the classroom. Instead, it facilitates a highly engaging learning environment, where students can explore and discover their full potential. Gamification in English Learning provides a comprehensive look at gamification in education and learning. Gamification is a multifaceted concept, and each chapter examines these facets.

This book is organized through the adventure theme, in which you begin your journey as the reader of this book. As you begin to read this book, you become the explorer who yearns for adventure. An explorer is adventurous and willing to take risks to set forth into uncharted educational treasures.  As you explore this book, you will pass four stages of the journey. You can get more details from Google Book. For the printed version, please order from the publisher here.

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