This forum is called the Indonesian Community of Education, Language Learning, and Technology (ICELLT). All educators who want to write and publish their writings can join this forum.

Currently, ICELLT has dozens of writers who continuously write and collaborate to publish research articles, chapters, and books. The forum has published two books entitled “Integration of Online Learning for Teachers in Indonesia” and “Best Practices for Adaptive Online Learning for Prospective English Teachers.”

These books were published in line with the development of the current situation related to the transformation of rapid technological developments, rapid changes in the industrial revolution 4.0, the demands of 21st-century learning, and the emergence of a pandemic that disrupts lots of things, including the educational aspect. Teachers and prospective teachers must teach in dynamic – not ideal – situations, with minimal assistance, both technical in nature, such as internet data, equipment, and facilities to a pedagogical competence of the importance of appropriate and relevant technology integration in order to create meaningful learning.

These books aim to document the stories of teachers and prospective teachers who have experienced online learning, including limited face-to-face. These writings contain many interesting experiences that happened in diverse school situations in several places in Indonesia and even the Philippines, the problems that exist, and how the process of adaptation to the real situation on the ground was carried out.

The books contain simple but important writings to read and replicate in similar situations. These books demonstrate the effective use of technology and the mastery of digital pedagogy and literacy according to current 21st-century developments during the pandemic and have been published and are available in digital and printed forms. The digital version of the book can be obtained from Google Book platform at and You may contact me if you cannot access the digital books due to regional restrictions.

Currently, ICELLT continues to prepare writings with dedicated writers with the hopes that it can help writers who are passionate about writing to be able to work positively with the tagline #writetogrow.

If you are interested to collaborate to write articles, chapters, or books in these related areas of Education, Language Learning, and Technology, you can contact me below.

Looking forward to collaborating with you! ^^

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