Welcome to mhsantosa.id, a learning space for us all. I am Made Hery Santosa, you can call me Hery or Made. I am a language educator and researcher at Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha, Bali, Indonesia. I like to learn and share with many people on ELT and technology related areas. I write articles, books, and book chapters in the ELT and technology, like GamificationVirtual RealityESPMALLAction Learning (see publications). I also develop technology-based language learning media and materials, such as Animals of Nusantara and Kiwa Tengen (see digimedoo), while working on creative writings (see story and poetry publication) in my free time.

I am an article editor and journal reviewer at Frontiers, SAGE Open, Springer Nature Social Sciences, TESOL JournalTESL-EJ, Kasetsart Journal of Social SciencesInternational Journal of Language Education and Applied Linguistics (IJLEAL)Journal of English as a Foreign Language, Language and Language Teaching Journal (JEFL)Journal of English Education and Linguistic Studies (JEELS), and some others. I have been sharing in various academic forums, like TESOL Convention, Asia TEFL, ELT Korea, CamTESOL, TEFLIN, ICEAC, and workshops for Indonesian teachers and headmasters.

I learn a lot from several institutions, organizations, foundations, and associations in various fields of ELT, technology, academic journals, overseas scholarships, digital pedagogies, philanthropy works, and many others. In my spare time, I do gardening and sightseeing the beauty of our mother earth. Email me at info@mhsantosa.id for more information. Stay in touch 🙂

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