Chapter Publication: Delving into Learners’ Stories in Learning EFL Narrative Text in Digital Story Artefact Creation

Author: Made Hery Santosa and Safitry Wahyuni


Learning narrative texts has become challenges for students as they not only have to comprehend the content but also produce the texts. The study aimed to portray four learners’ stories of special school for athletes about their learning experiences in the EFL class when employing digital story projects. Framed within narrative inquiry, depth-interview was utilized and with thematic analysis, major themes fall into three categories of motivation, perception, and challenge. Findings revealed that the learners were highly motivated by some different factors and experienced obstacles during the learning process. From the study, we learnt how the learners felt, motivated, and coped with the difficulties in the learning process. Positively, the activity of creating a digital story could be one of teaching references for English teachers and become our teaching reflections to be better teachers and more confident teacher researchers.

Keywords: EFL, digital story creation, learners’ stories, narrative text

The chapter is published in a book entitled “Narrative Inquiry for Teacher Education: Learning from the Past Stories for Today and Future.” Please contact me or the publisher (DapurKata) directly to read the chapter or the book.

©mhsantosa (2022)

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