A List of Selected Open Access Reputable Journals

My Curated Current Research in ELT Page

Reputable Open Access Publishers

Reputable Open Access Journals

Reputable Subscribed Access Journals

Other Good Individual Journals

Free Database

Free Books (for personal purpose)


Journal Suggester/Finders

General Procedure of a Manuscript Submission

  1. Identify relevant journals (see from the lists above, for instance)
  2. Download, read and follow that journal’s manuscript template
  3. Register to that journal
  4. Submit your manuscript to that journal, fill the forms
  5. Wait for the process (will vary depending on journals’ quality, reviewing and editing process, etc.)
  6. Check your emails and submission page in that journal periodically
  7. Pray, a lot!
  8. Oh, I forgot, before doing step 1 – 7, write the manuscript first! 🙂

Good luck!