English for Nursing Assistants: Can We Integrate It with Technology?

The book entitled “English for Nursing Assistant: Supplementary E-Learning-based Materials” was developed based on the primary needs of Nursing Department students of Vocational High Schools that will become Nurse Assistants after they graduated from the institution. There are some steps that have been conducted by the authors to gather data which become the main resources in developing this book. After the analysis of the students’ needs, important themes were developed in each unit for the book. The themes include General Assessment, Handling Patients, Patient’s Hygiene, Checking Vital Sign, and Dimensions of Symptom.

This book contains examples of English expressions that are very useful for the students to practice and master before they go for a real-world job later. There are also some practical activities that will train students to develop their language skills of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. The main feature of the book includes the utilization of e-learning features and strategies for learning more effectively. The e-learning platform consists of primarily listening materials to support the teaching and learning process. The students can go to the setup e-learning platform to listen to audio materials to complete exercises provided in the book. It is expected that the use of ICT will provide the utmost benefits for the students learning a specific area, like nursing, using English as the medium of instruction.

You can get details about the book from Google Book. For the printed version, please order from the publisher here.

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