Virtual Reality: How to Use It in the English Classroom?

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the current trends in life, including education. What is it? How is it different from other learning media? How to use it in the ELT classroom? Having these, we published a book on the use of VR in the ELT class, especially for high school levels.

The handbook, entitled Virtual Reality for English Learning, is developed to give a solution for English teachers in facing some challenges in the use of Animals of Nusantara virtual reality Android application for English learning (you can install the app for free here). There are three units in this handbook consisting of comprehensive information about Animals of Nusantara Virtual Reality Application, the tutorial on downloading and using this application, and fifteen activities to implement this application in the English learning context. This handbook also provides appendices of images related to the handbook and VR application at which can be accessed freely.

If you are interested, please get more details in Google Book or contact me. Don’t forget to share your comment below 🙂

©mhsantosa (2022)

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