C’Mon in, Specail Price!

To continue the post on Snaps page, I also captured photos which are interesting to my opinion. These were taken in an Asian store that sells almost everything with cheap price! The first one is below.

Specail # 1

Interestingly, the other item also has the same mistake!

Specail # 2

They show similar ‘story’ but people keep coming to buy! 😀

Oh, I almost forgot to include these other two photos… They were taken in two different stores, but they share a similar thing.

The following photo is about someone who was suspected stealing from the store, obviously taken from the security camera. But, the owner is a bit creative and wrote something as below.

Invietation # 3

The last one of this post is the following photo. Sure, it’s not grammatical, but people still understand 🙂

No Open, No Try # 4

Pretty hilarious! 😀

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