Red Shield Appeal: Truly Inspiring

Each year, The Salvation Army provides assistance to over one million people- to continue providing high quality community services, (so) we need your help. This year, we’d once again like to invite you to help us make a difference by supporting our Red Shield Appeal

Red Shield AppealToday, I saw an interesting sight. Some people in highlighted (safety) bright jacket were on the traffic lights with a small bucket knocking at drivers’ car windows and they asked for donation. Interestingly, people were willing to do so. I’ve seen the similar sight before, but didn’t quite notice too deeply on what’s behind it. These people, each with one or two small red and white buckets, kindly approach the drivers (mostly cars around) and the drivers without hesitated gave their donation, normally coins, to them.

A Volunteer

From the information that I searched later on, it is a part of the Red Shield Appeal, run by The Salvation Army, every year. This year, it starts from April to June 2011. This is a major annual fund-raising from The Salvation Army – first held in 1965 – aimed at helping disadvantaged people. This year, the national fund-raising target for 2011 is $79 million. The fund-raising is in the form of “Door knock Appeal” and “Direct Mail Campaign.” Based on the information on the website, the “Door knock Appeal” will involve around 100,000 volunteer collectors, which provides opportunity for people to give at the door in support of The Salvation Army’s good work. This will be done at the end of weekend on May, which is on the 28th and 29th of May, 2011. The “Direct Mail Campaign”, moreover, is done using direct mail. For more information, please follow the link.

Quite interesting, yet I see it is very inspirational. In every traffic light, they even put a notice of the appeal, so people will be aware and well notified.

Red Shield Appeal Notice

As I can see, it is purely for donation, run by an official body, so the money is believed to be used rightly and wisely. I also see people are willing to help. They TRUST. This is an important point. They even sometimes donate more than expected. No wonder, the organization says, the funds keep rising every year.

Besides donating, we can also support by being a volunteer. A great, truly inspiring sight, I think. I wonder when Indonesia can be at a point of having TRUST to each other, so the society would improve into a better condition. Not like today’s situation.

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