Brunswick Library: Indonesian Resources No More!


It’s been a while for me not to visit Brunswick Library. It’s one of inter-connected libraries, along with Campbell-Turnbull, Coburg, Fawkner and Glenroy dedicated to serve people living in Moreland areas. Of all these, I just ever visited two, Coburg and Brunswick. Like other libraries, they both provide a range of services, including computers, meeting rooms, photocopiers, free Internet, and self-study booth. They also have clubs to join, such as reading, humor, or specific field; dedicated ones. They also have great collections to all ages; all have special place to play and read, and explore the world. Certainly, the libraries provide wide collections of books and audio-visual, from scientific to leisure, from non-fiction to fiction. From the information given by one of the librarian that I met, all libraries provide resources in other languages, such as Vietnamese, Indian, Greek, Italian – these have been major, but only Brunswick library in Moreland area provides Indonesian collections.

When I first visited this library, I was eager to browse education section – which I didn’t find in Coburg library – and Indonesian section. I could find several supporting books that I need in the education section, even though in majority, the themes are more about international students and bullying. In the Indonesian section – two wide bookshelves – I was so excited to find quite numerous stuffs in Indonesians. I just feel… accommodated. It is quite true though since there are a number of Indonesian students living in this area. Even, I saw one VCD, among others, in  Balinese! It’s a comedy show “Boom Ketawa – Sakit Pikun” by Petruk, Dolar, Dadap, and Komang Apel, famous Balinese comedians that can be viewed below.

Boom Ketawa

I’ve watched them some years ago, but it’s quite happy to see it again, in a place thousand kilometers away. I also sometimes borrow some light Indonesian films, music, magazines, or novels, like “Kartini Nggak Sampai Eropa” as seen below.

Kartini Nggak Sampai Eropa

Some days ago, I was quite surprised to find out a notice on the Indonesian section stating that all Indonesian collections will be removed from this library due to declining number of loans. The notice is below.


I was not quite happy seeing it, to be frank. It’s a pity. Being the only one having Indonesian resources in nearby area, the fact shows that not so many people borrow the collections. Maybe it is declined because it is relatively easy to find similar resources through the Internet, or declining numbers of Indonesian population living in the surrounding areas, or the types of collections offered, I’m not really sure. Well, it could be because of anything, most possibly minimum interest. Actually, the collections are adequate in my opinion; novels, subscribed magazines, kids’ resources. They are mostly updated. Yet, still not many people are reported to show interest.

Early draft of this writing has been sitting a while with me, now it’s time to publish it. I realize that the Indonesian collections are relocated today, already. Still, it’s been great to know the fact that Indonesian resources had been available here. No Indonesian resources anymore, though.

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