A Talk in EDUTICON 2019

The 3rd English Education International Conference (Eduticon) was held from 17 – 18 September 2019 in Jambi, by Universitas Negeri Jambi. I supposed to come to the 1st one but was postponed due to the haze. This year, I was invited. It’s an honour. I shared about education, technologies, disruption, industrial revolution 4.0, skills needed (especially, soft), and entrepreneurship.

It was insightful, as always. I met old and new friends. Got invited as a reviewer in their journal, meeting Prof Heather Ferhing from RMIT, Australia and Dr Alexius Chia, from National Institute of Singapore. And of course, lots of other colleagues and new experience.

Despite the haze, I got a visit to the bridge and Candi Muara Jambi. Got to share a bit with Pak Urip and Pak Edi’s postgraduate students. Which is excellent.

@mhsantosa (2019)

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