Provoking Awareness, Preparing for a Better Future

After I presented my paper at the AsiaCALL 2012 Conference in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, I traveled to Bali for a short visit. At Changi Airport, while waiting for the next flight, I contacted a colleague of mine at the Ganesha University of Education, Bali that I will be in Bali shortly and I was willing to share perspectives and experiences about learning, e-learning, digital literacy, and scholarships.

After a few messages, it was agreed to deliver a talk in the Language and Arts faculty, for undergraduate students, colleagues, and teachers. In fact, it was for everyone who found it interesting to know.

In general, I shared something similar to my recent presentation in Vietnam. I tried to increase awareness that to have an engaged learning, there should be ways to cope with some possible challenges that derive from our surroundings, such as the internalized cultural views. Once they could be aware of these impeding factors, several eclectic methods should be utilized. The methods should be the ones that can ‘attack’ even in the most extreme ways to make student learning possible. The line is, whatever (technological) tools used, learning should not be only about passing the course and get high scores, but to understand it. To understand, in the 21st century learning has been defined as to know the concepts well and to be able to apply in a different context (application, reflection; c.f. Higher Order Thinking, Metacognition).

Here are some photos from the event.




3761282It was fun and relaxing, as it was more in an informal talk. But, I believe it should bring about ‘something’ to all of us. This ‘something’ should be ‘ a change.’

Thank you for reading and I am happy for any constructive feedback 🙂

Note: I also wrote this earlier in my website but decided to put another backup here for future purpose.

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