Coping with Cultural Challenges in an Online Learning Framework

I recently (not quite, see the note below) presented a paper in the AsiaCALL Conference 2012, Open University, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.

7166612This is the slide I presented in the conference. Basically, I tried to provoke awareness of Asian Educators to be more aware of some cultural challenges (i.e. passive, teacher-oriented, didactic; c.f. Confucian, Javanese, Balinese Cultural views). I propose an active type of learning which ‘attack’ this cultural challenge. At the end of the slide, as you can see, I emphasize some notes on the talk.

This is a very good place to share ideas I am mostly working on at the moment. As a bonus, I became one of the board members for the 2012 – 2013 period. Looking forward to learning, then. Thank you for reading. I am happy for any constructive feedback :).

Note: I also wrote this earlier in my website but decided to put another backup here for future purpose.

©mhsantosa (2013)
I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or share the link, all with my accreditation. Thank you.

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