Power Metal – Lagu Kebebasan

Power Metal is a heavy metal band from Surabaya, Indonesia. Born from a rock festival, They have a quite long story in the Indonesian music history; one of the best, I could say. I have written a post about this band earlier here (in Indonesian). Even though I talked about the band’s possible plagiarism (“Penguasa” and “Shades of Night” in comparison to Stratovarius’ “Against the Wind”), I emphasized at the end of my writing that in music that Power Metal has tried to evolve into their own style.

Anyway, I think sharing one of their best songs will encourage them; to be more creative and productive in music. The song is “Lagu Kebebasan” (literary means, “A Song of Freedom”), the first track of “KebesaranMu” album (2004). To know their discography (1991 – 2010), please read here. This song is an edited version since only three members performed that time. However, I think the backtrack even empowers its quality!

Power Metal – Lagu Kebebasan

To know more, please visit their website here. Have a blast!

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