Hey, You Blocked Me

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I walked to the free parking lot where my car was parked. It was in the middle of summer and the air was like that of boiling water. I had to walk for about 10 minutes as this free parking area is located in the outer ring of the University. For a student like me, the availability of free parkings is helpful, even though a bit of a walk is normally needed.

I then reached my car. It was under a big tree so it was safe from this rising heat. However, I saw a sport sedan parked behind my car. That meant I could not get out. I personally didn’t understand why this car owner parked it that way. It was clearly prohibited. I saw an Asian guy sleeping inside.

I knocked on the window to wake him up. I had to do this several times. Pretty testing my patience, though. He then woke up, a bit confused.

I then said, “Hello, could you move your car, please. You blocked mine. I need to get out.”

He, still looking sleepy, got out and told me that he didn’t bring the car’s key with him. His girlfriend, who was in the class, had it that time.

I didn’t  understand why it was like that. Apparently, they parked the car wrongly and now he said he didn’t have the key with him now. What happened if he needed to move it soon, like the situation we’re in now?

I said that I need to get out very soon as I had to pick up my friend. He then tried to call his girlfriend but it was negative. It seemed she was in the middle of a class.

He tried to push the car but unfortunately, it must go up a bit. Thus, it was rather difficult to do. Even with my help, as I wanted to get it done quicker, the car barely moved.

The time went on. He kept saying sorry.

He tried every attempt to make his car moving, but he couldn’t. By that time, my friend had been waiting too long. Then, I just decided to start my engine and went up to the grass field in front. I realize I might be fined for that if any staff saw it. But, I had no choice.

Well, sometimes, you have to do something’s extreme, more than your expectation, beyond the ‘limits’ to get things done.


©mhsantosa (2012)
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3 thoughts on “Hey, You Blocked Me

    1. Made Hery Santosa says:

      Ah, a little Mbak. But it’s alright. Anything could happen. We just learn from that. Have a great evening ya.. 🙂


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