Mosaic of Temptation

Mosaic of Temptation Part 1

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A group of elementary school children got on the bus. With their teachers, they cheerfully talked each other while trying to find their seats. Some sat with the teachers and some were near mine at the back part of the bus. While calling my friend, I could hear their continuous chatter. In front of me, a man in around 60-year-old, looked sleepy.

After half way of the bus trip, this group of teachers and students got off. One teacher took a photo of them getting off the bus. They were probably about to visit the suburb’s sports and pool center on the other side of the road.

A few stops later, that old man who sat in front of me, put on his hat and pressed the bus stop bell. The driver pulled off the bus and the old man was getting ready to stand in front of the back door to get off.

The bus stopped. The back door opened inward. Suddenly, this man grabbed something from under one of the seats close to him. It was a lady’s purse! I remember, one of the teachers from the school group earlier sat there just now. The purse is red with some flower ornaments in it. That man then quickly got off and walked away. A lady who sat near the back door got up and tried to stop him. She shouted at him. But, he just left without looking back anymore.


Mosaic of Temptation Part 2

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I got on the tram that would take me the Indonesian consulate. After touching on my ticket, I looked for an available seat. This tram is sometimes very crowded. That’s why having a seat will be important especially when the journey is quite long like what I would have today.

On the floor, near one of the empty seats located closed to the tram driver, I saw a pair of leather gloves laying. Someone must have dropped them! By its look, I know they are ladies’ gloves, made of leather. They must be very expensive. An Asian guy, who got on earlier, sat there. I then sat on a separated seat – 2 seats away – while reading a journal article from my eBook reader.

A few minutes later, I saw him taking the gloves. Interestingly, he put those on the side of the window. I just kept reading. Once a while, I looked at some passengers got on and off in several different stops. A few stops later, that Asian guy got off from the tram. Now, what happened to the gloves? They’re still there, beside the window.


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