Tonguetide: The Language-Learning Social Network

Migration #3

I know this because Toungetide followed me on Twitter recently. Based on what I read, Tounguetide is the language-learning social network, which is just like Facebook and Twitter. It is a place to connect people who want to learn languages. Toungetide has several features, namely chat, match, classes, self study course, etc.

With “chat”, users can communicate while practising language skills with others, to be expected real native speakers by messenger (like Facebook Chat), video chat (like Skype), or internal mailing system (email).

To be effective, they should use “match” feature to find a native speaker fluent in the language they want to improve (ideally one who wants to learn their mother tongue). Read their information and invite them to chat by adding them as a friend, sending them a private message, commenting on their profile or “sticking your tongue out” (like “poking” on Facebook). With “match”, it is good for those looking for the perfect language-exchange partner. It’s also great for teachers looking for new students – or vice-versa.

In the “classes” feature, users can create or join a class created for language practice. Tounguetide also provides online classes that offer speaking practise in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and German combined with self-study courses.

It seems quite promising for those who want to practise their language. All you need is an internet connection, a microphone and a set of speakers or headphones. Select a native speaker and get ready to practise communicating with speakers all around the world!

Application in Education
For language learners such as English, they could utilize Tonguetide to improve their oral ability. Communicating with selected relevant native speakers will provide better learning contexts to the learners. Simply, you could speak the language because you speak it; because you have an environment to speak the intended language. Several generated activities, such as writing about the experience in the learned language could also be interesting and challenging ways to keep practising the language. However, learners should also be fully aware of digital tracking and safe internet usage issues as it happens in an open virtual network.

To know more, you may explore Tonguetide here.

Be inspired fellow learners!

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