A Bird in the Meadow

In a fine morning, a bird stood in the meadow
Alone, she’s standing near wild flowers’ shadow
She might be little; she might only have simple brown feathers
But, on glowing green grass she lured, with her attractive bluish tail that differs


P.S. The photo was uploaded in Flickr. For a better resolution, have a visit and enjoy!

©mhsantosa (2012)
I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or share the link, all with my accreditation. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “A Bird in the Meadow

  1. paramitha eka putri says:

    Bagus Bapak 🙂 mengingatkan kalo setiap orang punya keunikan masing masing dan (seharusnya) bisa menjadi keindahan yang membedakan kita dengan individu lainnya.
    *pendapat amatir 😛

    1. Made Hery Santosa says:

      Hi Paramitha,
      Thanks yach for the comment, ini sudah tidak amatir namanya, bebas aja. Yup, benar! Yang penting terus berkarya, tidak sombong dan rajin menabung 😀


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