Free Lem-Ons

I saw the first sign around 2 weeks ago while riding my bike to a supermarket nearby. What captured my eyes was the writing of the sign.

Free Lem-Ons

It’s pretty interesting; something that you don’t see everyday – as a friend of mine said once. What made it more interesting is that the owner offers his lemons by ‘hanging’ them on the fence…

The next weekend, I saw a similar view again, but I guess it’s more ‘luring’. Even though the lemons are for free, the owner seemed more well-prepared.

Free Lemons

Since they are very tempting, I took four lemons, for my tea as I caught a bit of flu and cold last time, and it truly helped. Thank you ‘lemons owner’, whoever you are… or I shall say, ‘lem-ons’ owner.

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