International Conference on English Across Culture (ICEAC)


First International Conference on English Across Culture Ganesha University of Education, Singaraja, Bali, Indonesia October 21-22, 2011

Conference Themes
The major themes of the conference is English language and culture. The conference will focus on, but not limited to the following topics of discussion:

  • The Science of English Language (Comparative Studies, Discourse Analysis, Phonology, Sociolinguistics and Pragmatics)
  • English Teacher Education
  • Research and Development in English and English Education
  • Globalization and English Education Across Cultures
  • Educational Measurement and Evaluation in English Education
  • IT/Media for English Education
  • Teaching English for Young Learners
  • Curriculum and Teaching Learning Inovation
  • Multiculturalism/Cultural Diversity

Types of Presentation
In the parallel presentation, it is planned that as many as 40 presenters are expected to share their results of research and ideas.

There are two types of parallel presentation.
(i). Paper presentation
Paper presentation is to be organized in plenary sessions, in which every presenter is allocated 30 minutes for presentation and discussion. The paper may be a full research, an opinion, or an innovative idea.
(ii). Workshop
Workshop presentation is allocated for 45 minutes in which time management is authorized by the presenters. This should include presenting, discussing and experiencing new methods, techniques or strategies in relation to one of the following themes:

  • Educational Measurement and Evaluation in English Education
  • IT/Media for English Education
  • Teaching English for Young Learners
  • Curriculum and Teaching Learning Innovation

Papers submission
The deadline for submission of abstracts (maximum of 300 words) is April 30. Accepted abstracts will be announced on May 30. Papers to be considered for presentation should preferably be research-based report, but non-research papers (argumentative, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive) are also acceptable. Complete papers should be of approximately 5000 words, font size 11, Times New Roman, single spaced, written in A4 size paper with an abstract with key words and references following APA format.The title should be given at the top of each page, along with the name of the presenter(s) and their affiliation below the title on the right. Biographical data should not exceed 100 words and should be written on a separate page in a third person point of view. Full paper should be submitted not later than July 30. Send complete papers and biographical data to: e-mail:

Plenary Speakers
The committee proudly presents speakers who are international class scholars. They are:

  1. Ass.Prof Maribeth Erb, PhD (National University of Singapore)
  2. Dr. Ahmar Mahboob (Sydney University, Australia)
  3. Itje Cotijah (The British Council)
  4. Syd Joseph (Aurora English School, Japan)
  5. Ketut Artawa (Udayana University, Bali)
  6. Dewa Putu Wijana (Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta)

The following cost is applied both to national and international participants.

Representatives Category                                                           Cost
In country Participants/presenters                                       Rp 500,000
Overseas participants/presenters                                           Rp 750,000

Conference fee can be wired to:
Luh Diah Surya Adnyani
BCA KCU Singaraja
a/c. 8270455744

Fax or send the copy of payment slip to: +62 362 27561 or email to:

Accommodation and Transportation
The following is a list of accommodation located in Lovina participants can choose to stay in:

  1. Bali Taman Hotel, Tel. +62 362 41126, Fax. +62 362 41840, Email:
  2. Aneka Lovina Hotel, Tel. +62 362 41121, Fax. +62 362 41827, Email:
  3. Melka Hotel, Tel.  +62 362 41552, Fax. +62 362 41543, Email:
  4. Hotel Damai, Tel.  +62 362 41008, Fax.  +62 362 41009, Email:
  5. Hotel Angsoka, Tel. +62 362 41841, Fax. +62 362 41023, Email:;
  6. Hotel Adirama, Tel. +62 362 41759, Fax. +62 362 41769, Email:
  7. Hotel Banyualit, Tel. +62 362 41789, Fax. +62 362 41563, Email:
  8. Hotel Sunari, Tel. +62 362 41775, Fax. +62 362 41659, Email:
  9. Aditya Beach Resort, Tel. +62 362 41059, Fax. +62 362 41342, Email:
  10. Hotel Puri Bagus, Tel. +62 362 21430, Fax. +62 362 22627, Email:
  11. Hotel Nugraha, Tel. +62 362 41601, Fax. +62 362 41506, Email:
  12. Puri Sharon Hotel, Tel. +62 362 41745, Fax. +62 362 41252, Email:

It takes about 15 minutes to get to the venue of the conference from Lovina by public bemo.
As no reliable public transports are available from Denpasar airport to Singaraja, the committee of the conference will organise a shuttle (seat in couch) to pick up participants on prior arrangement, but each individual participant should pay the return transport fee which is Rp. 100.000,00. If you want a more private transport, taxi is available around Rp. 350.000,00-400.000,00 one way.

One-day Tour
A one day tour will be organised the day after the conference is resumed. This is at participant own cost. Participant should book a place for the tour and pay in advance. The one–day tour costs Rp. 200,000/one person. The tour consists of dolphin trip at Lovina beach, strolling around Banjar temple and Banjar Hot spring. Lunch is included.

More information:

Prof. Ni Nyoman Padmadewi
Mobile: +628123960864

Prof. Putu Kerti Nitiasih
Mobile: +6281338644393

Click on brosur_seminar_2011 (Brochure) & Registration_form (Registration Form) to download.

Thank you and hope to see you there!

P.S. This post is only to help distributing the information. For more information, please visit:

8 thoughts on “International Conference on English Across Culture (ICEAC)

  1. Samanik says:

    Hi, there..
    I was late in submitting abstract for the conference. However, I am still looking the opportunity to be part of the conference. Kindly check my abstract-wish to get good news:). (Samanik- STBA Teknokrat Lampung)

    1. Made Hery Santosa says:

      Hello Samanik,
      Thank you for your interest. This was the previous event. This year’s conference will be held on July 31 – August 1, 2013. I am just basically helping the committee as I am not on site at the moment. If you wish, please kindly contact them at All the best 🙂

  2. Prof. Rowena C. Nuera says:

    i wish to attend in the International Conference. But i want to receive invitation letter so i can be allowed to attend the seminar by our university.

    1. mhsantosa says:

      Hi Putri, thanks a lot!.. well, ini hny membantu kok sifatnya, krn sebelumnya yg di web kampus blm ada file2 yg dibutuhkan. Sekarang sdh ada. Yes, happy to share ideas and thoughts! 🙂

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