Article Publication: Technology in Action: Developing Gamification Handbook in English Teaching and Learning for the 21st Century Learners


Diffusion of digital literacy and technological practices in 21st-century learning has become a constructive force in EFL classrooms in North Bali, Indonesia. To align this, the study aimed at developing a gamification handbook in English teaching and learning. The study was carried out with 15 secondary students and 10 English teachers in North Bali, Indonesia through the design and development design research (DDR). The obtained data were collected through observation, interviews, and document analysis and analyzed qualitatively through Interactive Model Analysis. The quality of the developed product was obtained through Interrater Agreement Model. The result of the study shows there is an urgent need to develop a gamification handbook aimed at effectively integrating 21st-century skills, digital literacy, and technological practices in English teaching and learning context. Based on the quality check on the product, the gamification handbook was classified as an excellent media, and therefore ready to be used. Further study needs to be conducted to explore the specific impact of the gamification handbook on students’ performance in learning.

Keywords: DDR, gamification, handbook, 21st-century learning

The article was published in TESL EJ. Read more from this link:

©mhsantosa (2022)

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