A Talk on Multiliteracies with Penta and National Geographic Learning

ngl 10

I am delighted to inform you that I have finished my talk and sharing session with more than 300 teachers, academic vices and headmasters from more than 200 schools in Jabodetabek last Saturday.

I shared about Multiliteracies in Post Millenial Classrooms with an emphasis on pedagogical perspectives wrapped in clear learning activities. Additions to the use of technologies were also inserted. If you want to share with me on the materials, kindly contact me or email me.

It was insightful full of fun and new ideas. Meeting new networks and good people. Thank you Penta Books and National Geographic Learning for the invitation, Bu Nelly (of NatGeo Indonesia), Justin (NatGeo, Taipei), Pak Munif (of Sekolah Manusia), Pak Andi and Mb Fitri, Mas Aldi, Mas Andi, Mb Erah, Core Skills Squad of British Council, colleagues, and friends \,,/

@mhsantosa (2019)

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