Argue, Then Understand

I have been involved in thesis examination lately and I found a latent interesting fact. The documents cannot argue. Especially in academic context, following one’s idea is considered safe and well, easy. The following image might be relevant.

In fact, it is not. One idea should be supported with multiple perspectives, not only one. It’s recent, not old. If it’s a core/grounded, then it still must be supported with newer ones. It’s not only to agree, but to disagree. It’s to be brave enough to take a stance.

What to do?
Opportunities to read more and practice stating own voice should be more provided. The use of non-exclusive plagiarism detection tool should be more encouraged. A clear and fair guideline must be applied.

Can it be done?
Yes, certainly. But it needs awareness – from top-down; down-top. And concrete action.

@mhsantosa (2014)

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