I Have a ‘Wow, Cool!’ Mother, Too

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Story: I Have a ‘Wow, Cool!’ Mother, Too
Writer: Manik Permata

Synopsis: Naya and other students have to give a talk about their mothers in front of her class. But, she was not confident as her mother, different from others, is not working. In the end, she told something about her mother that others do not experience. What is it? How do her friends feel about her mother?

I Love MommyToday is Tuesday. Naya’s class has Morning Talk every Tuesday. This week Naya’s class is learning about Jobs. Last Friday, Mrs. Jenny asked everyone to prepare something to tell about their mother’s job. Naya had a hard time all weekend thinking what to say in class, because Naya’s mother doesn’t have any job, she is just a mother. But Naya’s mother helped her and made sure she’s got something good to tell.

In the classroom, Mrs. Jenny asks if anyone wants to…

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