Cerita Inspirasi 8: The Free Joy

Cerita Inspirasi baru! Dari blog kolaborasi: Menginspirasi. Apa itu Menginspirasi? Sila baca di sini ya: http://menginspirasi.wordpress.com/apa-itu-menginspirasi/. Ini Cerita Inspirasi 8: The Free Joy. Penulis: Manik Permata. Silahkan berkunjung. Makasi kawan 🙂


Story: The Free Joy
Writer: Manik Permata

Synopsis: Bluey, Gweeny, Coco and Neenee met Joy a few days ago, when Joy stopped by the window where Bluey and Geene’s cage was hanged by. Joy was panting, but her face was really happy. Why? What did Joy tell Bluey, Gweeny, Coco and Nenee?

Grey-headed_Canary-Flycatcher“Wow, we have papaya today, my friend!” chirps Bluey, a blue parakeet excitedly. A green parakeet standing next to it nods as excitedly. “You guys should try this sometime” chirps Bluey again, this time to the fish in the aquarium at the corner of the room, Coco and Neenee.

“No thanks, this fish food is still the best of all” says Coco, making a lot of bubbles as he speaks.

“Ever” adds Neenee.

“If Joy comes, she will be sooo jealous” chips Gweeny the green parakeet again.

Bluey, Gweeny, Coco and Neenee met Joy a few days ago…

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