Cerita Inspirasi 5: Joy and Her Stone

Cerita Inspirasi baru! Dari blog kolaborasi baru: Menginspirasi. Apa itu Menginspirasi? Sila baca di sini ya: http://menginspirasi.wordpress.com/apa-itu-menginspirasi/. Ini Cerita Inspirasi 5: Joy and Her Stone. Penulis: Made Hery Santosa. Silahkan berkunjung. Makasi kawan 🙂


Story: Joy and Her Stone
Writer: Made Hery Santosa

Synopsis: Astonished by the painting of stones that was arranged in a unique order, Joy was puzzled. She has a stone, too. It was taken from a small river near her grandparents’ house in Negara, Bali, Indonesia. But they are different. To her father, she asked some questions. What did she ask her father? What did her father say?

Joy and Her StoneIn a common room of this cozy house, there are some stones which are arranged in such a way, small and big, to a certain height. They happen to be stones taken from the beach. They look white and clean. These stones are not flat, they are somehow round; pointed edge. Therefore, the way to arrange them is by positioning each of them in such a way to each other to make them balanced. Not an easy job, for sure. They surely…

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