A New Initiative: Menginspirasi Project

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Manik and I started a new initiative, called “Menginspirasi.” This simply means “To Inspire.” It is a collaborative blog project, not only by the two of us, but is open to anybody who wants to share a similar vision and passion. Not necessarily a writer, but someone who’s keen to share good things in the world. For us, we are fortunate to learn our ways to be writers, either creative or academic.

The blog consists of mainly stories and other related writings based on character building concept. Moral values found in everyday life that we see in different parts of the world can be narrated to our younger generations and friends with the hope that we all can reflect from those.

We know that there are many similar initiatives as this out there. But, isn’t it better “to fly these wings of hope” higher? To add, our initiative still has its uniqueness. All stories are in the form of e-books that can be downloaded FREELY using “Pay with a Tweet” mechanism. This means, you can read the e-books only after you distribute them to your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.

It’s very simple, right? So, let’s share a simple story of your life. Inspire others. We do hope a wider participation on this. If you are interested, let’s collaborate. Send a story to projectmenginspirasi@gmail.com. We will convert it into e-book and consult you before publishing. The writer will be acknowledged fully in the publication.

Follow our twitter handle @menginspirasiID. To know more about the initiative, go to http://menginspirasi.wordpress.com/.

Agora, 15 November 2013
To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible!
Manik & Hery

Halo kawan-kawan inspiratif,
Saya tergugah untuk membuat blog baru yang khusus berisi cerita-cerita atau tulisan-tulisan inspiratif dalam bentuk e-book. Bentuknya bisa fiksi atau non-fiksi. Konsep sederhananya adalah “pendidikan karakter.” Untuk awal, buku-buku elektronik/digital ini akan saya ambil beberapa dari tulisan-tulisan saya. Semua akan saya distribusikan gratis, memakai sistem “Pay with a Tweet.” Maksudnya, kawan-kawan bisa mengunduh cerita yang disukai secara gratis hanya dengan membagikannya via media sosial, seperti Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn dan lainnya. Tujuannya tentu untuk berbagi lebih luas lagi. Saya juga berencana mengundang kawan-kawan lain menjadi penulis sehingga platform ini bisa lebih dikenal. Jika berminat, silahkan kirim cerita ke projectmenginspirasi@gmail.com. Cerita tersebut akan dikonversi ke format e-book dan harus mendapat persetujuan penulis sebelum dipublikasikan. Penghargaan kepada penulis berupa publikasi atas nama penulis.

Daftar cerita yang sudah dimuat bisa dilihat di halaman ini. Semoga ke depan, akan terkumpul banyak tulisan inspiratif ya!

Twitter handle: @menginspirasiID

Agora, 15 November 2013
Manik & Hery

©mhsantosa (2013)
I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or share the link, all with my accreditation. Thank you.

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