Testing Scoop.It Newsletter

Preview of the Newsletter's 1st Edition
Preview of the Newsletter’s 1st Edition

I recently played around the newsletter mechanism of Scoop.It, the content curation tool I use. I have three main topics there around Education and E-Learning, Creative Writing and Agent of Change. I have either scooped my own and others’ links or articles that I found interesting as well as important. In this era, to archive and later share in the social media could be improve understanding. Another is to meet like-minded people, do effective networking. It may therefore increase the quality of your Personal Learning Network (PLN).

When you have a Scoop.It account, you just need to click on “Manage” bar and click “Create Newsletter.” Then you can choose how many articles you want to include in the newsletter (maximum 24) and whether you want to include social media sharing buttons or not. You will be provided with the preview and if you are satisfied, you may proceed to choose either “Email Me” or “Download Zip” buttons. With the first, you would be certainly able to share in mail format. The Download button enables you to have the offline file. This newsletter is on monthly basis. I will try to see its effectiveness on the long run.

To know more, here’s is one of the newsletters I generate from one of my extensive Scoop.It topics: Web 2.0 and Thinking Skills. Please click here.

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I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or share the link, all with my accreditation. Thank you.



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