How Students Learn through Curiosity and Discovery

CuriosityHere is another good example taken from TED Talks about how student learn and how student learning is made possible. As the principle of knowing and understanding start from stimulation of our interests to a particular thing or phenomenon, learning should be directed into discovery of questions, that will lead them to another evaluation of accepting or rejecting the answers. It is a cycle of research and findings, of being interested and to discover answers to questions developed along the learning process.

Below is a very good example of how students got curious of gecko and its feet. How they could attach themselves onto the wall and how their feet mechanism works. By stimulating the students’ interests, they were attacked with several questions needing answers. And if they could manage it, they would try to search and find the reasons through many ways available or provided. Here’s a talk by Robert Full on Curiosity, Discovery and Gecko Feet.

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