An Ode to the Fallen

Ode to the Fallen“O’ Soothsayer, why do we have to stop?” asked the King to his wise one.

And the Soothsayer, known for being conscientious, calmly replied,
“My King, we shall stop and camp here.
For our horses have to converse as night falls.
For our warriors shall gaze at the stars.
So, the minstrel would sing an ode to the fallen.”

Image Source: Ode to the Fallen by Adrian von Ziegler.

©mhsantosa (2012)
I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or share the link, all with my accreditation. Thank you.

4 thoughts on “An Ode to the Fallen

    1. Made Hery Santosa says:

      I guess there will always be wars, in many kinds for many aims. But, yes, peace is better 🙂 Thanks for reading, Oanh.

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