Meeting “Ketut and Rhonda” of the AAMI Insurance

Friends, have you seen the advertisements from AAMI? If you haven’t, please watch them first. Quite hilarious! These ads have become famous in Australia since they were aired several months ago. Due to its booming, it became a Facebook hit within hours (read the news here). Even, it exploits the ‘sexual tension’ between the two.

Rhonda goes to Bali Pt. 1 – with Merthi

Rhonda Goes to Bali Pt. 2 – with Ketut

Well, while visiting the Indonesian Consulate for the Balinese Kuningan ceremony lately, I met the main actor and actress of the AAMI’s Car Insurance advertisement. I actually have met Ibu Merthi, the other person acting as the main actress quite often as she works the Consulate with her husband. They also teach Balinese and some foreigners Balinese dances and Gamelan weekly in the Consulate. But, meeting the main actor, known as Katut (supposedly Ketut in Balinese) can be considered a rare event.

Actually, I also applied for this job last time. I know, even though I happened to become the director of my class’ drama performance and to play in the school’s drama performances several times earlier, doing acts is not my main job. Yet, it could be an interesting thing to experience. Without even being called because the agency totally forgot my email, the agency finally selected this “Bli Ketut” (literally means “older brother” Ketut) as the main actor. I guess, after watching the ads, my face is not quite ‘Balinese’ after all haha 😀

Where are the photos? Don’t worry, here they are. Some people in the Consulate even said “Bli Ketut” and I are twins! Of course, they were joking. I personally felt humbled to meet Ibu Merthi and “Bli Ketut” in a peaceful Balinese ceremony such as Kuningan day.

With “Bli Ketut”
With Ibu Merthi and “Bli Ketut”

I should say thank you for their cheerful smiles! To add some more fun, here are some additional and extended scenes of Rhonda.

Rhonda Goes to Bali – Behind the Scenes

Extended: Merthi and Cameron Ling in the AFL Commentary Box

Extended: Dennis Cometti and Ketut in the AFL Match

This is from Herald Sun: a quite ‘punchy’, yet hilarious comic about the boatmen issue in Australia.

You know, it’s always good to meet people that can help to set your standards and goals in many ways.


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