Beebee and Beebo

Beebee and Beebo are bees born from a bee Queen of the south. When they were born, they were grouped into the East house. This house, as the name suggests, is located in the eastern part of the big tree where the Queen lives. The East house is a new house built for growing bee members of the previous house. There is one new queen in the East house, some hundreds of drones and other thousands of worker bees, just like Beebee and Beebo.

As soon as they hatched, Beebee and Beebo were ready to work to collect some pollens and nectars as foods to the drones and the Queen. They know they have only approximately 30 days to live and forage as much as nectars for the family in the East house. Each day, the Queen lays so many eggs, even up to 25,000 a day and this can reach up to 2 million in her lifetime. Beebee and Beebo just saw the Queen once. She was at the center and the biggest among all bees in the house.

When they met her, she said, “You, I want you to be very careful with the outside world when you work. You should not travel more than 3 miles away from this house. But, do not worry, you will always be able to come back because of your strong sense. You also need to stay close with the colony.”

“Yes, Queen,” they replied, politely.

On the third week after they hatched, they were ready to fully forage for pollens and nectars from those beautiful flowers on the field. Today, they will go to a special place on the field about 2,5 miles away from their beehive. They have been told earlier by the other foragers using the famous ‘waggle’ dance. They have to work hard today as the Queen and the drones rely on them to get food everyday.

Then, Beebee and Beebo started to fly together with the other worker bees. They were happy but focused. As for these two, this was their first time to collect pollens a bit farther than they used to. They flew for about 20 minutes before reaching the flower fields.

“Wow, look at those flowers, Beebo. They look tasty!” Beebee enthusiastically marched forward.

“Hey, wait for me!” Beebo quickly tried to compete with her sister.

Soon, they reached the flowers. All workers were now ready to get as much as they could for food. Beebee and Beebo took the very left part of the field and started to suck the pollens and nectars from the flowers. All pollens and nectars were sucked into their stomach and amazingly it will be processed into a separation of fructose and glucose. Well, they just didn’t know have a particular training. They knew what to do!

Suddenly, Beebee shouted, “Look! There’s a big flower over there. Come, I’m going to need your help, Beebo.”

Beebo looked up, and she saw a very big flower around 30 meters from where they were now. She then followed Beebee.

“Are you sure this is safe?” asked Beebo. “We were a bit far from the colony, now.”

“Shh, don’t worry,” Beebee replied. “We’re going to be fine!”

Soon they worked on that big flower. Its size was so massive to them.

“We don’t need to go around, Beebo. I guess, one flower will be enough for us today!” Beebee exclaimed happily.

She knew that she just needed to fill in her stomach and go back to the beehive. There, all workers need to pour back the pollens and nectars that they sucked into the bee holes. This will become sweet liquids – called honey – that could be a very healthy source of food for the babies and for humans, too.

Suddenly, a strong wind came and hit the big flower. Beebee and Beebo were not ready for this.

Woooooaa, what happens?” Beebee asked.

“I don’t know.” Beebo said, trembled.

Everything is a bit shady now. They were not in the field anymore. A lot of stuffs and glasses with nets around.

“Where is this, Beebee?” Beebo asked, she looked frightened.

“I’m not sure, but this seems to be a human’s shelter. Do you remember why there’s a strong wind?” Beebee asked Beebo.

“I don’t know,” said Beebo.

“A kid just opened the door in front of the big flower where we were before. And the wind from the window hit us into this place,” Beebee tried to tell her sister.

“Oh, now what we’re going to do, Beebee?” “I’m afraid. I remember the Queen has warned us not to get into troubles.” Beebo said, started to sob.

“Don’t you worry, sister. We’ll find our way out. There should be windows or passages, big enough for us to escape,” Beebee tried to soothe her.

“Okay,” Beebo then followed Beebee, flying around the shelter to find a way out for them.

This house is a two-storey building. There are some windows in the first and second floor.

“Look, windows!” Beebo shouted happily.

“Alright!” “Let’s get out Beebo,” Beebee was happy, too.

They knew, they had to get out before their colony left to return to the beehive. But then…

“Ouch!” Beebee shouted. “What is this?”

“Oh no!, the windows are covered with nets! We’re doomed!” Beebo started to burst her tears.

They started to panic. They went to every window, even the ones up there on the second floor were the same. They were all with net protectors. Even they saw some bugs were dead in some windows.

“We’re going to die….” Beebo started to get restless. “We just have 30 days to live but we could enjoy it for 21 days only. Oh no!” She continued sobbing.

“Don’t give up, sister! Beebee shouted at her. She tried not to cry, but looking any possible passages to get out of the house soon.

“Come on, follow me,” Beebbe asked Beebo.

They then went around and around. Suddenly, a door opened. A bright sunlight came to their faces.

“Look, we should go there. It might have a way out! Beebo found the way and started to fly in that direction.

“Oh, another window with net. Very good!”

The door’s now closed and they were trapped.

They tried to fly near the window to find any small holes to go, but it was all covered with net. They were frustrated and tired. Then, then just stayed down. Their wings were worn out and they need food to eat.

“That’s it, Beebee. We’re going to die now,” Beebo sadly uttered her thought.


It was not long after that, suddenly, a large white cotton was gently touched into their bodies and a long pointed wood was used to get their bodies into the cotton. Two big hands were working on lifting their weak bodies into the cotton so they could feel its softness. After Beebee and Beebo were in the cotton, a slight fresh wind struck their faces. The door was opened and they could see a brighter sunlight and fresher wind here. These hands then tried to put their bodies, slowly, into the leaves of a tree in front of the house. Then the hands vanished.

“Beebo, sister, are you alright?” Beebee asked. She was still quite weak.

“Yes, sister. How about you?” Beebo responded.

“Oh, thanks you’re alright. We’re so lucky,” Beebee exclaimed happily.

“I’m not sure, it seemed that there was someone helping us out from the house,” Beebo replied.

“I think so. Now we can go back to our beehive. We might need to tell this story to others, too!” said Beebee.

To save is my nature. What’s yours? – Made Hery Santosa


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©mhsantosa (2012)
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