A Tilt for Romance

Flying Fox

Hanging in the rope you’ll fly princess of light
Carry out your might
This is the second time you tried to pave
Alone and brave

Though sometimes you are lost from my sight
Your hearts still belong to my night
With the flying fox, I shall say you deserve my rave
The resonance for stars will be to crave

A tilt for romance, I shall say in the light
The moon shines and the sun is bright
Not to waive from the wave
For the smiles I would fetch in the woods to engrave

A tilt for romance, I shall say


P.S. The above picture was taken from this link. It is “Flying Fox,” a tale inspired by the intrepid Daisy Mora of Columbia written by Cody Stanford. Daisy travels to school each day on a zipline a quarter-mile above a river. I think it is quite relevant to the above poem I wrote: the courage and the passion. The stories can be read here: Flying Fox Part 1, Flying Fox Part 2, Flying Fox Part 3, and Flying Fox Part 4

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