A Visit to Eureka

The boat’s been prepared, set sail
Manuscript’s been written, the world is pale
Even the canary tweets to the joy, to its tail
To expect the unexpected hail

Shrouded by clear clouds and blue skies
With rains and chills come in between, not always nice
With soap and oil, with mince and spice
Everything is on the dice

Another tulip blossoms and we smile
Right after the cancelled visit to the jail
Yet, it will be another thing to scale
The autumn, lavenders, and tulips are to nail

It is still a very pale grey sky that ties
And colourful parks will not always be a paradise
But a strong stone always lies
To strengthen, to be wise

Four springs, autumns, winters and summers in the chart
In beautiful lakes with geese and cool breeze to pull the cart
Like an angel, it is always in the heart
Forever (and) one, till death do us part

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