I just finished migrating some of my blog contents in WordPress to Blogger recently.

Previously, I tried to use the ‘Export’ feature in the ‘Tool’ panel to have the saved XML file. Then, I used the ‘Import’ feature in Blogger. But, it turned out to show the following message:  “Sorry, the import failed due to a server error. The error code is bX-tjg9ds.”

After searching for some helpful resources, I came up to “WordPress2Blogger” application (http://wordpress2blogger.appspot.com/). I know there are lots of ways and tools that have been around before, but I found this tool helped me.

You can simply follow the steps and the (selected) contents of your WordPress contents can be migrated to Blogger. You can then customize the posts in Blogger.

Hope this will be helpful for those who want to do so 🙂

6 thoughts on “WordPress2Blogger

  1. mhsantosa says:

    After ‘testing’ the tool, the migration went well, and as Blogger has some other tools, such as free and more open widget and other tools, I could add some interesting stuff in the newly migrated Blogger account. However, after some time, I thought of importing the previous and new contents back to this wordpress site since I have more interest in ‘exploring and developing’ here rather than in Blogger. Cheers..:)

  2. ip camera says:

    An fascinating concept this. I’m 1 of those men and women whom tend to wait for things to mature prior to taking action but in this case I’m mindful that inaction leads to only failures so I will heed your comments and begin to do anything about it.

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