Podcasting in ELT

This is an abstract of a paper presented in 12th ESEA conference, Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you.

The paper aims at discussing the use of podcast as one of online media delivery in English teaching. With the advancement of technology, there has been strong demand to make use of ICT in classroom teaching. Situated multi-environment learning systems can be considered as a new generation of open-learning systems. These systems makes available tools able to support not only the relationship of the student with the knowledge to be learnt (learning object) but also all the relationships that are established between participants during a teaching and learning activity. One of the ways that can be applied to enhance with the technology use in a situated multi-learning environment using ICT systems is the use of podcast. By podcasting, teaching English can be conducted in advanced ways by the use of online media delivery. There are several benefits that students can get from podcast, namely 1) it gives students a potential audience of thousands for their work, 2) it is great for developing literacy skills, 3) podcasts can be interactive, and 4) making a podcast is also great for developing teamwork skills. Especially in the teaching of English, podcasting will help the students improve their communication skills as well as their creativity in making a radio show will increase.

Key words: ICT, podcasting, ELT



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