Cerita Inspirasi 1: Trần and His Umbrella

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Ini Cerita Inspirasi 1: Trần and His Umbrella


Story: Trần and His Umbrella
Writer: Made Hery Santosa

Synopsis: A Vietnamese (Trần), a Burmese (Mori) and an Indonesian (Dave) walked down the road when the rain suddenly poured down heavily. What story did they share? What would they do? What did Trần do to inspire?

Trần is a Vietnamese who is cheerful and sharp. One day, on a gloomy morning, Trần and his friends, Dave and Mori, were walking down the street to a friend’s house. It was an Easter holiday that time, so the bus would come every 30 minutes, following the Sunday’s schedule. Trần checked the schedule. Unfortunately, he found that the bus wouldn’t come anytime soon. So, they decided to take a walk. Their friend’s house is about 20-minute walk and they decided to take the shortcut. It was cloudy that day, so it was not a very hot. These three men then slowly walked the…

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