Lounge Metal, What is That?


Accidentally, I came across to this new term. Well, not practically new, but new to my ears. Lounge Metal (or Rock). What is it to you when you heard of this?

Previously, I searched some acoustic versions of famous metal songs from different bands, such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Nightwish, Angra, Helloween and Gamma Ray. As I used to listening almost the majority of their songs, I found listening to different versions could be interesting, too. Say for example, Helloween’s Unarmed – Best of 25th Anniversary (2010) album containing 11 selected songs taken from their previous albums. And they are very different from the original songs. Forever and One could be the most famous song for most listeners.

Or, you can also enjoy Nightwish’ Nemo – Acoustic Version (I performed the original ‘stronger’ version of this with my band once :))

What is the relation of this to Lounge Metal then? As I searched several other songs, like those from Iron Maiden and Metallica, I found this band, Hellsongs. Looking at the name, it sounded quite ‘scary, devilish, hard, or maybe fast.’ To my surprise, their songs are totally different! They initially played cover songs, such as Skeleton of Society, Seasons in the Abyss (Slayer), Heaven Can Wait, Run to the Hills, The Evil that Men Do  (Iron Maiden), Blackened (Metallica), Eagle Fly Free (Helloween), Welcome to the Jungle (Guns N’ Roses), Youth Gone Wild (Skid Row), and many more. Now, they start to have their own songs, though, which is normal.

Try to compare these bands, then. For instance, Apocalyptica that played Metallica’s songs on Cello version and Van Canto that played Nightwish’ Wishmaster on A Capella version. Watch them, feel the ‘different’ sensation! I think, this is a part of creativity and being genius.

Metallica – Nothing Else Matters (Apocalyptica’s Cello Version)

Nightwish – Wishmaster (Van Canto’s A Capella Version)

Hellsongs then proves to be another piece of creativity. It is a Swedish band consisting of three members playing acoustic pieces of music. I understand, different people might not like them as they interpreted the songs very differently. And to some die-hard fans (whose bands’ metal/rock songs got covered), this could be a disaster to their ears! But, I also enjoy one’s imagination. As long as it is not a copy, it’s another creative level. With Hellsongs, I found their works are marvelous.

So far, not many bands play this genre of ‘lounge metal.’ The creative idea is still on, that they want to be different. Originated from ‘Lounge Music,’ Lounge Metal is about metal songs worth listening while you’re in a lounge. The feeling of ‘mood music’ is strong, that they try to take you to a different place you wish to have. I think, to my view, the music is very similar to those songs played in the lounge, at the airport, bar, or other relaxing places to wait for or do something enjoyable. That’s why, their music is filled with mostly keyboard/piano, acoustic guitar and vocals, with some additional instruments in, like cello or banjo.

How does Hellsongs’ music look like then? Watch the original Megadeth’s Symphony of Destruction (I took the live version in Argentina, as it was so ‘alive’).

Then, try to compare to Hellsongs’ cover version of the same song (The Official Video is here).

What do you think? So different, aren’t they? Still, I hope you could enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks for reading 🙂

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©mhsantosa (2012)
I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or share the link, all with my accreditation. Thank you.

One thought on “Lounge Metal, What is That?

  1. levuhoangoanhqn says:

    I love Hellsong’s and Helloween’s performances b/c I love something really beautifully strong and flexibly various. I’m not used to Agentina’s. Thanks for give me more choices in music taste.

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