Only the Good Die Young?

“Halo, apa kabar?” (Hello, how are you?) I greeted a young gorgeous lady in the hall on the second floor of the library.

“Oh, halo. Baik-baik saja,” (Oh, hello. I’m good) she smiled and stopped swiping on her iPad.

“Wah, sudah lama ya tidak berjumpa,” (We haven’t met for a long time) I said to her.

“Yeah, that’s right. Oh I’m sorry I didn’t reply in Indonesian because I’m not really confident,” Sarah’s cheeks blushed.

“Oh, that’s alright,” I smiled warmly at her being awkward this time.

Sarah is one of my students learning Bahasa (Indonesian). I taught her in the first semester in the Language Studies. Her skin, as many Australians, has a fair complexion. She has three earrings pierced on her right ear.

“What are you doing in the library?” I asked as I saw she was wearing a red T-shirt which says “Ask Us” on the chest.

“Oh, I just have a part-time job assisting the library staff. You know, in this big library,some students could sometimes get confused, lose track of books, and some sorts of things,” she smiled.

“I see. This must an interesting job for you. Apa Sarah senang?” (Do you like it?) I asked, wanting to know further about this interesting phenomenon.

“Ya, bisa begitu. Saya cuma berdiri saja hari ini,” (Well, you could say so. I just mostly stand today) she replied.

“Bagaimana dengan Anda?” (How about you?) she asked.

“Oh, saya sedang mengikuti free training selama dua hari ini,” (Oh, I attended a free training these two days) I replied.

“Apa Sarah masih mengambil pelajaran bahasa Indonesia sekarang?” (Do you enroll in any Indonesian subjects this semester?) I asked her.

“Hanya ‘Membaca’ semester ini,” (I just take ‘Reading’ now) she answered. “That’s why I speak Indonesian very little this time,” she added.

“No, you’re better than the first time I met you! ” I praised her speaking ability, enthusiastically.

We continued talking different things until she had to leave as there was someone asking her a particular section in the library and she had to escort her to that section. This meeting with Sarah is actually a very simple meeting. However, I believe this shows one of the portraits how a University student can be very active to gain as much as, possibly, positive experiences during their study time. There are lots of opportunities to learn many interesting things that would support one’s future life. Joining relevant activities, having part-time jobs, and even searching for opportunities to expand learning could be an option. Knowing that opportunities are always available, no mater how small they are, I consider that we can always try to learn, to become more rounded and ready in the next future.

Recently, I heard that Sarah has been in Indonesia for a student’s exchange program. She studies in one of the Indonesian Universities in Java. This is a very good news! Noted on this, is only the good die young? I think not.

©mhsantosa (2012)
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