Dancing in Your Heart

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A lady in a silky face skin told an interesting story
She glanced; her dark-coloured eyes got round and bigger
“I will present you all wonders,” she said

She began to tell that her life’s been always a journey
And to her, the sun has always been a wanderer
“In the savannah, I could hear my steed gallops,” she said

“Smile, for the taste of your lips is fragrant like flowers. In the wilderness. In the spring time. They blossom.”

One day, she added, she tried to break free
From a storm in a white forest; the survival chance was slender
“I felt like that was the last day on Earth,” she said

“Sing, for your voice is euphonious like water. It does not fight. It flows. Yet, it can overcome rocks.”

To her astonishment, she could hear these whispers along her journey
They became vibrant and got stronger
“O’ Mother Earth, sing me your melody,” she said

Til then, she met a young girl sobbing in misery
She became acquainted; she loves her
“I will raise you with all loves,” she said

“Dance, for your gallops fill the air of happiness. In the ballroom. In joys and sorrows. They ride on.”

A strong bond could still always be a mystery
For you and me; for cherishing hearts to caress each other
“But love the love, my love. Then I’ll be dancing in your heart,” she said

“Love, for its touch is like Edelweiss. They grow in high mountains. They are perennial.”


P.S. For a lady selling apples on the Thursday market. Happy Mother’s Day!

I am happy to share this. Please feel free to reblog or share the link, all with my accreditation. Thank you 🙂

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