A Metal Jukebox Pt. 5: Breaking the Chains with Black Majesty

Another metal jukebox! Yes, this is another jukebox on metal concerts seen earlier (For previous stories, please click the links on Metal Jukebox Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4). This time, I’ll tell about Black Majesty, a power metal band. I remember my first encounter with this band was when I frequently listen to Rhapsody of Fire, an Italian symphonic (power) metal band around 10 years ago. Rhapsody of Fire, previously named Rhapsody, is under Limb Music Production (LMP) and besides producing albums of Rhapsody, the management also produce several other bands, like Black Majesty, Galloglass, Magic Kingdom, Luca Turilli (ex-Rhapsody of Fire, now in LT’s Rhapsody), and many others. Fall of the Reich is their song that I listened that time. It was released on their first album, Sands of Time (2003). Frankly, I wasn’t that impressed much by their music that time. It’s a typical power metal type of music. But, I did like the quality of their vocalist and production. Quite promising!

Years pass by, and I intentionally listened to their opening track from their In Your Honour album (2010). Pretty fast! A well composed song, I must say.

Fortunately, they had a concert nearby while launching this new album. So, I went to their concert and saw them playing live. It’s great to know them. John Cavaliere, the vocalist, somehow resembles Ronnie James Dio (Black Sabbath, Rainbow, DIO). In fact, during the show, Wish You Well, the 7th track from the “In Your Honour” album is said to be dedicated to Dio who passed away on May, 2010).

So, here are some of the photos. As no professional camera was allowed, I am sorry for the quality of the photo.

Supporting Bands: EYEFEAR & ORPHEUS

John Cavaliere – vocals
Steve Janevski – guitar
Hanny Mohamed – guitar
Pavel Konvalinka – drum

P.S. I also like Eyefear, one of the opening acts. 

Set List

Black Majesty: http://www.blackmajesty.com/
Eyefear: http://www.myspace.com/eyefear
Orpheus: http://www.orpheusofficial.com


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