A Metal Jukebox Pt. 4: A Battle Cry with Turisas

Well, it’s weekend and it’s time for a post about music now :). It’s time for Metal Jukebox! This is “A Metal Jukebox Pt. 4” that contains a brief review and selected photos captured from Turisas’ concert (from two) that I attended. For the previous posts on Metal Jukebox series, please click the links of Metal Jukebox Pt. 1, Metal Jukebox Pt. 2, and Metal Jukebox Pt. 3.

I came across to Turisas around three years ago when browsing some videos on You Tube for some folk type of music blended in metal genre. That time, I watched their music video of Battle Metal.

Turisas – Battle Metal

I found the use of some folk elements, like violin and accordion in their music is quite attractive to my ears. They add some melodic elements to the music.

For a comparison, please watch the following folk/medieval bands.

Eluvietie – Carnutian Forest & Andro (Acoustic Version) – using violin, tin whistle, hurdy gurdy.

In ExtremoHerr Mannelig – using bagpipes, harp, hurdy gurdy, shawm – a cover song, also sung by Haggard, Garmana, and several others.

Korpiklaani – Shall We Take a Turn (Instrumental) – using violin and accordion

Strongly characterized with face paints and war robes, Turisas’ lyrical themes are around wars in Finnish and surrounding contexts. Also, as opposed to traditional power and symphonic metal, Turisas uses violin to play their solos. Sometimes, previously, there was a ‘duel’ between their violin player, Olli, and their accordion player (Netta). Now that Netta (Accordion) and Hanu (Bass) decided to depart ways due to friendly personal reasons, this violin-accordion duel won’t exist anymore. Still, they got good keyboardist and bass player as the new members. I saw these new line-up performed the second time and it was still impressive.

Well, here it is, some photos taken from their concert, A Tour into the Unknown.


Line-up (at this show)
Mathias Nygard – vocals
Jussi Wickstrom – guitar
Olli Vanska – violin
Netta Skog – accordion
Hannes ‘Hanu’ Horma – bass

As a bonus, I shall include their acoustic performance, taken from the limited edition of their latest album (2011). I guarantee, this is good to watch :).

Turisas – The March of the Varangian Guard, Stand up and Fight, and To Holmgard and Beyond

Set List
To Holmgard and Beyond
A Portage to the Unknown
The Messenger
One More
In the Court of Jarisleif
Rex Regi Rebellis
Miklagard Overture

Rasputin (Boney M. cover)
Battle Metal

Turisas: http://www.turisas.com/site/
Dead Letter Opener: http://www.deadletteropener.com/
Be’lakor: http://belakorband.com/

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