A Poet, a Storyteller and the Pendulum

Oh a poet of passion, how are you?
Birds at waves keep singing songs of winds
Oh the words’ wielder, do you think this circle of moon will do?
Maple leaves keeps falling and the sky turns red

Oh a storyteller of swan, is it a juggernaut that you told us?
Fallen feathers flow smoothly in the moat of knowledge
Oh wings of storm, where did Icarus pass?
To the deepest ground, to the highest sky

Now with the pendulum of thoughts,
Fireworks keep glaring at silent skies
The chariot of eight horses will be at flames; at white snows
Savant, a chalice of knowledge is the point

*The picture is cropped from Sonata Arctica’s Song of Silence cover live album (Tokyo, 2002). There is no intention to make it commercial or else.

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