Modeling and Reflection Application Aided by Video Recording to Improve Students’ Competency in TEYL

This is an abstract from a paper presented in CLTE conference, Gresik, Indonesia. Thank you.

The present classroom action research aimed at improving students’ competency in Teaching English for Young Learner (TEYL) in English Education Department of Ganesha University of Education Singaraja, Bali. It was conducted by applying two pillars of Contexual Teaching Learning (CTL), namely Modeling and Reflection, aided by Video Recording. This means that TEYL instruction was conducted through several steps. First was Modeling where students were played some movies as examples of TEYL instructions. Second, students did peer teaching on certain topics and were entirely recorded. Third, students and teacher watched their recordings in Multimedia lab to find weaknesses and strengths as feedbacks. Finally, based on given comments and revisions, they did peer teaching once again and be evaluated. The instruments used are teacher candidate’s performance assessment rubrics and video recorder. From the three cycles conducted, it was found out that all 24 subjects could achieve the aim of the instruction. It could be concluded that the techniques applied could successfully improved the students’ competency in TEYL in English Education Department of Ganesha University of Education. It is suggested that similar application can be applied for TEYL instructional improvement.

Key words: Modeling and Reflection, Video Recording, Students’ Competency, TEYL Instruction


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